Ilhan Omar Lambasted After Tweet About Christians

(Patriot Insider) – Ilhan Omar has a really tough time hiding her blatant and obvious hatred for Christianity. While claiming to be “oppressed” as a Muslim, she routinely attacks other religions of the world and those who subscribe to them.

Omar went viral over the weekend for putting her bigotry towards Christianity on display as Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, also known as Easter.

The Minnesota Democrat shared a video of Christians singing on an airplane over Easter weekend and attempted to play the victim card and suggested things would go very differently if she and her Muslim family attempted to hold a “prayer session” on a plane.

Here’s the “backstory” from The Western Journal:

According to the New York Daily News, the original video, which made the rounds on Easter Sunday, was posted by Jack Jensz Jr., who leads a congregation known as Kingdom Realm Ministries. His group is currently in Europe aiding refugees from Ukraine.

The internet sleuths at TMZ found the clip was posted to Jensz’s Facebook page on April 9, apparently on a flight to Germany. It wasn’t clear from the Facebook post whether the flight was commercial or charter.

Despite most people reacting to the video with innocent, mundane comments, like this one from Hugh McIntyre, who covers music for Forbes:

Omar used it as an opportunity to remind the world how oppressed Muslims are.

“I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane. How do you think it will end?” she tweeted on Saturday.

Of course, she’s implying that because she and her family are Muslim that should they dare to pray on a plane they would be immediately dragged off the plane, arrested, beaten and thrown in jail.

Because that’s reality.

The truth is, Omar and any other Muslim is free to pray on planes all over the world and they routinely do. It wouldn’t have “ended” any differently than Christians singing on a plane.

No one cares if Muslims pray on a plane. No one.

Twitter users were less than impressed with her attempts to make the video about “Islamophobia.”

“One thing upon which we can depend: Ilhan Omar /CAIR is a perpetual participant in the Oppression Olympics,” tweeted Asra Q. Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal writer and education activist who is herself a Muslim. “And as Easter begins, she has to compete with a Christian ‘prayer session.’”

Writer Shant Mesrobian tweeted, “A member of Congress is supposed to have the restraint and maturity to not post a stupid, random, old video that for some reason is going viral right now as a way to score religious culture war points on a holy day for millions of people around the world.”

Some urged her to dial it back: “Relax, it’s just a guitar and a guy singing,” one user tweeted.

Others noted Omar seemed to be taking issue with Christianity more so than making a valid point about Islamophobia:

And, as businessman Avi Kaner noted, this was “Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN attacks a group of Christian volunteers on an @easyJet flight in Europe delivering aid to Ukraine, because they’re singing. She has no idea about what transpired and whether or not it was approved. But it’s suddenly about her.”

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out the blaring hypocrisy:

While conservative commentator and former New York Police Department officer John Cardillo made an excellent point:

Ilhan Omar needs America to hate her because she is a Muslim but it’s clearly her who hates others based on their religion. She ought to learn to just keep her thoughts to herself once in a while.

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  1. If she feels so oppressed in America, she does have the right to go back where she came from. No one is going to stop her!


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