Journalist Who Demanded Concentration Camps For Unvaccinated Dies Suddenly

(Patriot Insider) – There’s a biblical teaching known as reaping what you sow, and a 33-year-old corporate media journalist who once demanded all unvaccinated individuals be shipped off to concentration camps has learned this lesson the hard way. Ian Vandaelle, the fellow in question, passed away after being hospitalized and later declared “neurologically dead”, members of his family disclosed. Was this tragedy the result of being vaccinated?

According to Slay News, “Vandaelle was a Canadian business journalist who worked as a reporter and editor at the Financial Post. He was also previously a producer at BNN Bloomberg for over a decade. However, he was known to many on social media for his pro-Covid vaccine posts on Twitter, now known as X.”

Vandaelle was a big, big fan of forcing people to have vaccine passports — “your papers, please?” — and mandates for folks to take the jab. If you refused to get it, you would be fired. That sounds like a pretty loyal brown shirt, doesn’t it? Apparently the concept of medical freedom was completely foreign to this man. This belief may have cost him his life.

The journalist’s partner, Stephanie Hughes, told the media that he passed away suddenly.

“It’s with a heavy heart today that I say he was declared neurologically deceased this week and taken off life support this morning.,” she penned.

“Vandaelle had taken to social media multiple times to advocate for incentives to encourage and even force Covid vaccination. He also demanded the implementation of vaccine passports and the termination of those who refused the jab,” Slay reported.

The journalist stated in a post published on social media, “I, for one, advocate we bring the carrot and the stick. Incentivize getting the vaccine however we like – ice cream, lotteries, literally whatever, I don’t care – and require vaccination to do non-essential things. Wanna go to a bar to watch the game? Passport.”

Another post on his X account featured Vandaelle demanding the Toronto Police fire any members who won’t take the shot.

“Take the jab or resign; anything else is moral and ethical cowardice. You take an oath to protect citizens? You get vaxxed. Shameful that we have to say this,” it read.

The sudden death has left many folks curious about details surrounding his demise, but as of this writing, much of what led to this tragedy has been held back from the public. One thing is for sure, people are getting more concerned about potential nasty side effects from taking the jab, which they were forced to do because of immoral mandates.

“As Slay News reported earlier, 40-year-old Fox News journalist Ashley Papa revealed she has been diagnosed with stage 4 appendix turbo cancer after being pressured to take Covid mRNA shots under the network’s vaccine mandate,” Slay News divulged. “The young mother of one revealed that this is the second ‘rare’ disorder she has been diagnosed with over the past two years.”

This is why it is critical for us in the United States to ensure we do not slip back into the COVID-mindset and allow fear-mongering liberals to push us into obeying mandates, thus forcing us to get a shot that could potentially be fatal. Honestly, the disease itself is far less worrisome at this point than the vaccine meant to reduce its spread.

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  1. Medically unsound treatment for an unknown medical problem. Coupled with zero clinical trials equals the basis for internment in a concentration camp? Rest well ignorant fool.

  2. I got the vaccine and it kept me from being in bed for nine days when I was the last to get the Kung Flu outside of my high risk grandfather, who never got it.

    I knew it was more dangerous than every other vaccine in the past thirty years combined, but COVID was FAR more likely to hurt me. Moreover, I waited until the summer to see how it affected others.

    I will, to the end, defend the eights of anyone who refused to take an experimental drug.

    God has a sense of humor, sometimes. Maybe that “journalist” could have learned something if any research had been done.

  3. There is no human being elected, not elected, CEOs, MSM Hosts, and Big Pharma CEOs who are our doctors and most are not doctors, scientists like Bill Gates, or George Soros, invested in developing multiple vaccines and buying MOLOGIC tracking company to track every human on the planet mandating with the government leaders get jabbed or you can’t work, go to school, open a business, go to church or leave you home. This is not healthcare, it is a communist manifest, where it was developed and unleashed in China. It is not a FDA approved vaccine, it is a no short or long term case study published in medical journals making it a EUA PREP 90 day experimental jab with unknown consequences to individuals,. Pfizer refused to disclose they included a trade secret formula of chemicals and materials and failed to disclose the long list of potential adverse health effects like death, heart attacks, brain injury, paralysis, and more. These are crimes against humanity inn my opinion!

  4. Vaccines of all types in the past never caused me problems but the Corona vax was a different story. It seemed to me the more they want you to get vaxxed the more variants. Unless they make the vax a lot safer it is no more of that BS. The Scamdemic crap was the closest thing to something out of North Korea. I was a Democrat for 30 years but dumped those idiots because they pushed the forced Masking and mandates. I wish the Conservatives get away for the Bible goons because they are just as bad as the Faucicons. Democrats dump the Communist. Republicans dump the Nazis.


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