MUST-SEE: World Panics As Stone Said To Be Imprisoning Demon Splits Open

(Patriot Insider) – The world is full of religion and superstition. In Japan, an ancient stone that is said to hold an evil demon that’s been locked away for almost 1,000 years, cracked open in March and made many in the country fearful.

Of course, if you’re a Christian you don’t need to fear this rock cracking open or the supposed demon inside. If you know Jesus Christ as your savior, you don’t even need religion or superstition either.

As the legend goes, anyone who comes into contact with the demon-possessed stone will die. Of course, death is inevitable but there is, as you can imagine, no evidence or data to suggest that those who touch the rock die any sooner than those who don’t touch the rock.

The rock, called the “killing stone” or “Sessho-seki,” is the subject of Japanese folklore. It’s a volcanic rock said to contain the spirit of the legendary folklore figure Tamamo-no-Mae, the “Nine-Tailed Fox.”

According to legend, in the 12th century the shape-shifting demon is said to have appeared in the guise of a beautiful woman to Emperor Toba, who ruled Japan from 1107 to 1123.

When Toba fell ill, a court astrologer determined that Tamamo-no-Mae was behind it. The temptress fled into the forest but was chased by samurai who shot her down with an arrow.

After being shot, she turned into a rock and that rock is now known as the “killing stone” and is located in Nikko National park, around 100 miles north of Tokyo.

Though some may believe the rock “released” Tamamo-no-Mae, experts say the rock became cracked due to water seeping into a crack which caused it to break open after years of freezing and expanding during cold winters.

Just more bad news for 2022, if you subscribe to that kind of fable that is. For those of who believe in the true and living word of God, we know that even if Tamamo-no-Mae did exist, God has dominion over her.

We know that no matter what 2022 throws at us we are overcomers in Christ. We can have hope through all manner of trial and tribulation because our God is bigger than any foe, demon, or obstacle we could ever face here on earth.

Stories like this one are entertaining but also serve as a good reminder that there are still millions of people on earth who do not know the name of Jesus and who need him as their savior.

In these unstable, uncertain times, those of us who have accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior must keep our eye on the prize, which is eternity in Heaven of course.

We can have peace during these scary, frustrating times because we know that in the end, we will be victorious. Who have you told about Jesus lately? Imagine the peace, hope and comfort you could give to your friends, family and neighbors by simply sharing what Jesus has done for you, with them.

The Democrats may be able to rig elections here on earth but there’s nothing they can do to remove Jesus from the throne.

Praise God for that!

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