Obama Buddy Threatens To Put U.S. ‘In Its Place’

(Patriot Insider) – Former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev (pictured above), who was caught on a hot mic having a conversation with former US president Barack Obama during Obama’s first term, has threatened to put America “in its place.”

According to Reuters, Medvedev made the comment during an interview. Though Putin is now the president, Medvedev is still a very influential figure in Russia and serves as the Deputy Secretary of the Russia Security Council.

Medvedev asserted that the US was stoking “disgusting” Russophobia. Which, to be fair, the US is and has been for decades. The media establishment and the political class has been obsessed with hating Russia for years and years and Americans have been brainwashed into thinking Russia is the greatest enemy of the US.

“It will not work,” Medvedev stated, “Russia has the might to put all of our brash enemies in their place.”

The world has been convinced that Russia is the big bad guy in the whole Russia-Ukraine debacle but why on earth are we suddenly trusting the media now when they have spent the last six years lying to us?

Now the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times are all telling us the facts? Come on.

What about the obvious ties between the Biden family and Ukraine corruption that date all the way back to when Biden was Obama’s vice president? Remember back when Joe Biden could speak coherently and clearly explained how he threatened Ukraine into firing a top prosecutor working to uncover corruption, which just so happened to involve the natural gas company Burisma Holdings that Hunter Biden sat on the board for?

Ukraine’s president is no better than a tyrant himself and yet the US media would have us believe he’s some kind of victim.

Putin and Russia have near half the population’s support in Ukraine, and more in some areas. Why do you think that is? Could it be because they want to be saved from their tyrannical regime and the decades of corruption that have plagued their country?

Russia claims that their invasion of Ukraine was an effort to defend the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine and that the “neo-Nazis” needed to be removed. Are we really to just simply believe Putin is a madman and “Russia bad?” Is it really that straight-forward and simple? Why does Russia believe they are removing “neo-Nazis?”

I don’t believe it is all that simple and neither should you.

One thing we can all agree on, however, is that the US ought to stay out of it and we certainly should not be sending billions of dollars in “relief” to Ukraine. Just another reason you ought to question the whole narrative.

Joe Biden sends $15 billion in “relief aid” to Ukraine while Americans right here in the US are drowning because of record inflation and record gas prices. Things are not getting any better for Americans either. The IRS can’t even process tax returns to get relief to the American people and Joe Biden is handing out $15 billion to Ukraine off our backs?

Something is not right.

While the US’ allegiance to Ukraine is clear, and suspicious, what is unclear is why the Biden regime is hellbent on pissing off Russia and moving the world towards WWIII?

Is Russia really the big bad guy we’re led to believe they are? Could there possibly be much deeper corruption going on in Ukraine and the US that Russia just might be on the verge of uncovering?

Let’s also not forget about those US biolabs in Ukraine that the media and the political class insist don’t exist even though they most definitely do.

Things just aren’t adding up and we most certainly do not want Russia to try and put the US in our “place.”

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  1. Even if Russia had a truly legitimate reason for invading Ukraine, their method of attack has been ghastly. They have bombed civilian apartments, hospitals, and school areas. You cannot defend that. My boss is Georgian, and she has friends there that have contacted her and told her the truth. If Putin is so righteous, why has he cut off all social media? Why are there thousands of people in jail in Moscow alone simply for not supporting the war? You cannot defend this man and his regime. He knows what he’s doing well enough to wait until we had a philodendrin in the White House to make his move.

  2. It’s time somebody saved us from our tyrannical government and the corruption of same. Why are we messing around with Ukraine while the commies are squatting in Washington DC already and shred some part of the Constitution, just about every day. It was Better Before Biden and it will be again after he is gone. Let’s get rid of him by whatever means is most expedient.

  3. I was raised with common sense, CLEAN your OWN house first! Basically stop butting into others problems and CORRECT our OWN There is too much wrong right here! starting with our border invasion for the last 2 years being encouraged by the left. Not to mention stopping all small businesses and industry all the way back to clintons nafta. CLEAN our OWN house FIRST! Good grief where is basic common sense????

  4. Whoever you are, it sounds like you support the commies in Russia. Putin is a tyrant as well as a murderer. Biden/Harris are useless. I spent 43 years in our military, if you put this crap out it is time for you to live with the one you appear to be supporting. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


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