‘Proudly Do My Time’: Trump Adviser Goes To Jail

(Patriot Insider) – Peter Navarro, a former Trump White House trade adviser, turned himself in at a Miami federal prison on Tuesday, stating he would “proudly” serve out his four-month sentence for contempt of Congress. It takes guts to stick by your convictions in a world like ours today, where the legal system is used as a weapon to silence President Joe Biden’s political enemies. It’s even more courageous to stick up for former President Donald Trump as the progressives continue their war against him and his supporters.

According to the New York Post “During a lengthy press conference outside the prison gates, the 74-year-old Navarro cast himself as a martyr who had done his duty to the republic by defying a congressional subpoena from a House select committee probing the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.”

“Every person who has taken me on this road to that prison is a friggin’ Democrat and a Trump-hater,” Navarro ranted. “When I walk in that prison today, the justice system, such as it is, will have done a crippling blow to the constitutional separation of powers and executive privilege.”

He tore into former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, former Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Congress as a whole, and then set his sights on the Justice Department. All of these governmental bodies deserve to be ripped apart as they are full of corruption and have abandoned their purpose as outlined in the Constitution.

“In September, a jury convicted Navarro on two counts of contempt of Congress after he ignored a subpoena for documents and testimony, citing executive privilege. Navarro is appealing his conviction, but has exhausted all of his avenues to stay out of the clink in the meantime. On Monday, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts dealt the final blow and rejected Navarro’s last-ditch appeal to remain free,” the report continued.

Navarro has stated that he was only “doing my duty to this country” by sticking to executive privilege, which gives the president authority to withhold certain kinds of material from Congress.

However, the courts decided this privilege did not apply to Navarro.

“I will walk proudly in there and do my time,” Navarro said, before going on to pitch a new book he has coming out called “The New MAGA Deal,” which will be out this summer.

Just before the subpoena was issued, Navarro asserted that the Jan.6 committee, which was anything but bipartisan, would not go after him because he was in possession of evidence that would clear Trump and former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

Bannon also bucked against a subpoena and was held in contempt of Congress.

“Bannon did as well and was found guilty in 2022 of two contempt charges and ordered to serve four months in prison and pay a $6,500 fine. Bannon has appealed that conviction and has yet to serve the sentence. Congress also referred former White House deputy chief of staff for communications Dan Scavino and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to the Justice Department for potential prosecution, though the DOJ declined to pursue charges,” the piece concluded.

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