‘Sanctuary’ City Slashes Workers Hours To Fund Illegals

(Patriot Insider) – The border crisis has seen millions of illegal aliens enter into the United States in what amounts to an invasion from people of various nationalities around the world. While President Joe Biden, who is responsible for the mess, continues to do absolutely nothing about the situation — likely a strategy to win future elections — as more and more Americans are beginning to suffer the consequences.

One such example of this suffering comes to us from the city of Denver, Colorado, which is considering whether or not to reduce some of its employees’ working hours in order to provide funding to take care of illegals invading the city. Think about that for a second. Illegal aliens, folks who have no citizenship here and have done zero to contribute to our society, are being put as a priority over those who are citizens and actually contribute to the system. We’re living in a parallel universe.

“City officials announced Monday that some workers, mainly in the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, may have their hours cut to zero to reallocate those funds toward addressing the immigrant crisis. Officials claim Denver is not laying off employees, rather some on-call employees will have all of their hours cut. On-call employees include positions such as lifeguards, coaches, and front desk employees,” the Washington Examiner said.

“The reduction in hours of operation and programs will affect the number of hours worked by many on-call, some to the point where they may not receive any hours,” Denver Parks and Recreations Director Jolon Clark remarked in an interview with Denver 9News. “The final decisions on hours for any individual position have not been made yet.”

The department is thinking of chopping $4.3 million from the budget to provide Denver with funds to help address the influx of illegals. As of right now, the city is short by $180 million to cover the costs of those being shipped into Denver. This shouldn’t even be a problem, ladies and gentlemen. Build the wall, enforce the law.

“The first round of proposed cuts included the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Earlier this month, Mayor Mike Johnston said these were not layoffs, simply a reduction in hours — to none,” the WE report noted.

“These direct impacts on DMV do not involve layoffs, nor do Parks and Rec involve layoffs of our current employees,” Johnston commented during a February press conference. “We will have hourly workers that will have fewer hours. If we reduce your hours and you’re an on-call worker, that’s true. We will have on-call workers that we won’t hire for the summer that we will have hired otherwise. This does reduce new hires that we would’ve brought on.”

The final decision concerning how many hours will be cut has yet to be made.

“We have not made any final decisions on cuts other than the ones that we announced already,” Johnston asserted. “All of our departments, all of our agencies, we’re going to have to find a way to prioritize.”

The mayor of Denver did what all good liberals do and blamed the situation on former President Donald Trump and GOP members in Congress, because there’s absolutely no way Biden’s lack of response to the influx of illegals flooding across the border has anything to do with it. Or that’s how he sees it anyway. Of course, Johnston probably doesn’t actually believe the manure he’s spreading. More than likely he’s trying to be a good company man and advance his political career.

“Denverites have done their part, the city will do our part,” Johnston stated. “The federal government failed to do their part. Addressing this crisis will require shared sacrifice, but we will continue to work together to meet this moment.”

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  1. Keep it up. They deserve it for allowing you to make these decisions. But the city needs them more than they need a city manager. He’s obviously not capable. So keep going, get rid of all of them. But don’t forget who votes and who isn’t supposed to.

  2. Their state of mind to even think of taking money from hardworking people to fund whomever is ILLEGALLY coming into our country is ludicrous. Liberal leftist has reached INSANITY. Why don’t these politicians take money out of their bank accounts and fund these illegals? You want them here so badly, fund them yourselves.

  3. In my opinion, all of the Blue States and Cities are responsible for the invasion of illegals. The American Schools throughout the entire country are now degrated and no longer teach what should be done. They are emphasizing LGBTQ, Transgender, CRT, BLM, & Antifa! I personally would love to see every jewish Religious Organization and Christian Religious Organization to Team up and start teaching at these facilities Kindergarten through High School throughoput America. The American citizens need to desperately join together and vote out every communist in our country which is now considered the blue states and cities. The Blacks should not be given retrobution from the slave trade in the past centuries. Those slaves were initiated by their own people in Africa, and not the other coutries. If any people should be given retrobution that is the Native Americans and Japanese that had their land and properties taken away from them during WW II.


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