SCOTUS Justices Issue Major Announcement Ahead Of Trump Rulings

(Patriot Insider) – As the United States Supreme Court weighs in on several cases concerning former President Donald Trump, in a very big, very important election year, George C. Upper III of The Western Journal assures us of one thing: Regardless of how the SCOTUS rules, those who are in disagreement with the decision will immediately make the claim that it was all the result of partisan politics.

But is that true? I think it’s fairly safe to say no, especially after comments made by two justices on the bench who are representing very different ideological positions. And this is a good thing. Our justices need to be somewhat impartial and willing to simply uphold the original intent of the Constitution. That’s their job. We don’t need agenda pushers. We need fair, balanced, and impartial. As much as is possible, anyway.

“There is much that Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Sonia Sotomayor disagree on, but they’re aligned on one major issue: Supreme Court justices aren’t beholden to parties or presidents — not even to the president who nominated them,” Upper wrote in his piece.

“Remember, thankfully — for us — presidents don’t last that long, right? There’s eight years,” Sotomayor stated, according to an article from Politico.

“So for us to be beholden to one of them is a little crazy, you know?” she continued. Barrett jumped in at that moment, sharing she was in agreement with her fellow justice.

“Not just beholden to a president, but not to a political party, either,” she elaborated. “Life tenure does insulate us from politics. And, so, it’s not just that we’re not Obama judges and Trump judges, but we’re also not Democratic judges or Republican judges. We don’t sit on opposite sides of an aisle. We all wear the same color black robe. We don’t have red robes and blue robes,” Barrett said.

These comments by the pair of justices were made last Friday during the winter meeting of the National Governors Association as they delivered remarks on the subject of how disagreements between folks who are not exactly on the same page ideologically can be resolved in a more civilized manner than what we’ve all witnessed in our current era.

Let’s not forget this talk was delivered right as SCOTUS is reviewing several cases involving Trump that have “the potential to dramatically reshape the 2024 presidential race.”

“The court will look at whether or not states have the right to keep the former president off the ballot via a particular reading of the so-called ‘insurrection clause’ of the 14th Amendment, for example, and will likely weigh in as well on the charges the former president is facing regarding the Jan. 6, 2020, Capitol incursion,” the report noted.

“How the court will rule on those issues remains anyone’s guess, but the two justices — one of whom was nominated by Trump and the other by former President Barack Obama — said that partisan politics aren’t going to be a factor in those rulings,” Upper penned.

“When we disagree, our pens are sharp, but on a personal level, we never translate that into our relationship with one another,” Sotomayor explained.

To give a great example, Barrett recounted that Sotomayor once brought some Halloween candy into her office for Barrett’s children to take home and also shared that when she first showed up to the nation’s capital, while her family was still residing in Indiana, many of her colleagues would invite her out to dinner. And that’s how it should be, ladies and gentlemen. Contrary to the message being spread by the radical left, we do not have to hate each other just because our beliefs are different. We typically care about the same things, we just have different ways of solving problems facing our country.

“Collegiality isn’t going to make you change your principles,” she declared. “But there’s a way to have disagreement and to meet each other where it is possible to meet.”

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