Speaker Johnson Blindsided… House Republican Suddenly Resigns

(Patriot Insider) – In news that stunned Republican members of the House of Representatives, GOP Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado announced out of nowhere on Tuesday that he would be resigning from Congress in the coming days, but provided no further details or explanation as to why. This latest announcement from Buck comes just months after he first revealed he would not be seeking re-election once his current term came to an end, according to The Western Journal.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Colorado’s 4th District in Congress for the past 9 years. I want to thank them for their support and encouragement throughout the years,” Buck, who is 65, wrote on social media platform X.

The post finished, “Today. I am announcing that I will depart Congress at the end of next week. I look forward to staying involved in our political process, as well as spending more time in Colorado and with my family.”

“Numerous candidates are already running to replace Buck – including current Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert who currently represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District. In a statement announcing the end of his time in Congress late last year, Buck lashed out at the system he was a part of as broken and shared grievances against his fellow Republicans,” the report continued.

Buck stated that he was glad to have his constituents support in fighting against the radical left, but opined he was no longer the guy for the job. He tore into his fellow GOP members who doubted the 2020 election was free and fair. I guess the mountains of evidence that showed shenanigans were afoot back then wasn’t enough to convince Buck the election was stolen.

The Colorado congressman also claimed that any complaints of the Justice Department being weaponized when it came to the Jan. 6 riot were “insidious” which essentially means he doesn’t believe these folks are being targeted by the federal law enforcement apparatus as a means of attempting to silence and intimidate conservatives into not standing up against the progressive agenda.

“Our movement has always been fueled by immutable truths about human nature, individual liberty, and economic freedoms,” Buck went on to say.

“The Republican Party of today, however, is ignoring self-evident truths about the rule of law and limited government in exchange for self-serving lies,” he added.

“Buck concluded he would see those who had voted for him in grocery stores and at youth sporting events, and not as a member of the government,” The Western Journal said.

To further illustrate how sudden this move was, The New Republic is reporting that not even House Speaker Mike Johnson knew Buck was going to be stepping down from his position.

“I was surprised by Ken’s announcement,” Johnson declared to a group of reporters inside the Capitol building. “I look forward to talking to him about that.”

“I didn’t know,” he continued.

“The loss is a huge problem for House Republicans, who have tried and failed to galvanize their caucus to pass party objectives for months. Buck’s resignation will trim the Republican tally in the House even more, bringing it to just 218 members and leaving behind an impossibly thin one-seat majority, given other vacancies,” The New Republic article read.

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