Spectators Furious After Biden’s Incompetence Ruins America’s #1 Golf Tournament

(Patriot Insider) – When it comes to the game of golf, the Masters tournament has long been referred to as a “tradition unlike any other,” and you would not likely find a fan of the sport who would disagree with that well crafted, but simple statement.

There are a lot of different things that make the Masters such a special event, but one of the most important is its dependability. You always know when it is going to be held and golf fans know they can also count on the hard-working individuals at the Augusta National Golf Club located in Augusta, Georgia, to help provide them with an incredible experience they will never, ever forget.

Another very important aspect of the event that fans have come to depend on is the availability of affordable and extremely tasty concessions to be made available to them for consumption.

According to the folks at the Western Journal, “Among the most popular items on the annual Masters menu are pimento cheese, egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches. All of those options are available once again this week, but there is one notable absence from the menu.”

“According to Golf, the Masters will be unable to provide the coveted Georgia peach ice cream sandwich due to ‘supply chain issues.’ Reporter James Colgan initially announced the news on Twitter,” the report said.

Thanks, Joe. We can always count on you to take the things we all love and enjoy about life and find some way to screw them all up.

“Colgan explained that a young concessions worker broke the news to him during the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, which traditionally takes place the Saturday before the Masters,” the report continued.

“The girl tasked with delivering the message couldn’t have been older than 16, which was perhaps by design,” Colgan went on to write. “Sixteen-year-olds don’t frequently incite riots.”

“That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. People love the peach ice cream sandwich, as evidenced by the response Colgan heard from others when they got the news. They included ‘Oh my goodness, you’re kidding!’ and ‘You’re not serious, right?'” the report said.

“Without the ice cream sandwich, the Masters simply isn’t the Masters as we have come to know it,” Colgan stated in the piece.

There were quite a few folks on Twitter who were not too happy about the announcement, some going so far as to say the lack of ice cream sandwiches would ruin the whole tournament.

“In addition to removing the ice cream sandwich from its menu, the Masters was forced to raise some of its famously low prices for concessions because of inflation. Colgan reported that sandwiches including ham and cheese and chicken salad had gone up by 50 cents each,” the report revealed.

Once again, all of this falls into the lap of Joe Biden, a man who has the power to solve these problems, but won’t, preferring instead to make Americans suffer from his awful policy failures.

While this won’t put a huge dent in someone’s bank account, 50 cents is still a sizable price increase, given that the price of the sandwiches is just $3.

“Of course, most of the public responses to these issues are exaggerated for comedic effect. As popular as the ice cream sandwiches are, life will go on without them, even if it’s a little less sweet than before. Paying an extra 50 cents for a sandwich is not the end of the world, either,” WJ’s report stated.

However, with that being said, wider supply chain issues throughout the country are much darker.

The Georgia peach ice cream sandwich is made from sugar cookies, ice cream, and Georgia peaches, where items that should all be readily available in a developed country.

Yet we are now at a point in the Biden presidency where we can no longer reliably expect basic food items to be regularly available at grocery stores. Even Biden himself said this during a speech he delivered back on March 25.

“There are a multitude of problems contributing to the supply chain crisis, from coronavirus disruptions to the war between Russia and Ukraine. But at the end of the day, Biden is in charge, and the burden of making sure Americans have basic necessities falls on him,” the Western Journal’s report said.

This issue goes well beyond food. Both Ford and General Motors had to stop production on some of their vehicles in the state of Michigan this week thanks in large part to a parts shortage.

“For a patron at Augusta National, the shock and disappointment of being unable to enjoy an ice cream sandwich will be relatively short-lived. The same cannot be said for Americans facing serious uncertainty because of Biden’s failures,” the report concluded.

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  1. We have a Moron leading this Country into a Third World status in a matter of 14 months. He has no concept of how our country functions, has destroyed our energy independance and letting all of these undocumented imigrants enter the countr, whihc will reach a crisis stage when he refuses protect our Southern Boarder.

  2. At 75 years old, it is now like watching a beautiful sunset and remembering my good times, knowing that both my country and I will never see the like again.
    FJB and all the democrats.

  3. Commissar Cho bai din wont be happy until this country is run like that of the butcher vladimir,…. FJB, nasty peeloser, chuck the schmuck, lying schifty, and Tubbo nadler, as for kamel Hairass, just point and laugh when you see her.


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