Surprise Pick! RFK Jr. Choosing Fresh Face For VP

(Patriot Insider) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is allegedly planning to select Nicole Shanahan, an attorney and entrepreneur from California who was once hitched to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, as his vice presidential running mate, according to a new report from Mediaite. This means that popular NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been very outspoken about his thoughts and opinions concerning the coronavirus vaccine, is now out of the running as per a source that is close to Kennedy’s campaign.

The fact that RFK Jr. was considering Rodgers did not sit well with his donors, which probably helped influence his decision to ditch the quarterback and go with someone else. And that was a smart idea. After all, it’s not cheap running a presidential campaign, especially one with no connections to one of the two major political parties and thus lacking the various channels of fundraising those affiliations bring with them.

“Shanahan, who was behind Kennedy’s Super Bowl commercial, is now expected to be named the running mate to the long-shot bid,” the piece noted.

“They align on numerous issues,” a source who is close with the campaign stated concerning Kennedy and Shanahan. “The campaign is also looking for a candidate who can help finance the ballot access initiative,” that will be crucial if Kennedy stands a chance of competing in the election.

“She might be infusing millions of dollars into the campaign to help fund the ballot initiative, which makes her attractive financially; however, she lacks the qualifications to actually do the job,” the source continued.

“Mediaite found that the domain was registered on March 13th, and verified the donation page is live and accepting donations at the subdomain Mediaite donated $1 through that donation page to discover the domain was registered by Kennedy senior advisor Link Lipsitz. A spokesperson for Kennedy did not respond to Mediaite’s request for comment,” Mediaite disclosed in the article.

“There has been a lot of speculation in the media about Mr. Kennedy’s pick of vice presidential running mate,” his press office remarked to the New York Post in a written statement. “The official announcement will be on March 26 in Oakland, CA. We hope to see you there.”

Shanahan, who is 38, spoke recently with the New York Times and revealed that she had donated a whopping $4 million to the American Values Super PAC, which helped provide a substantial amount of the $7 million it cost to create the 30 second RFK Jr. ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

“While claiming to not be an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ she said she shared Kennedy’s constant attacks on vaccines. She also describes herself as a progressive who cares about children’s health,” the Post went on to say.

The NY Times also divulged that Shanahan donated money to the 2020 presidential campaign of Joe Biden and gave a total of $6,600 to RFK’s campaign last year when he was still running for the Democratic Party nomination.

Shanahan was romantically linked at one time with X owner Elon Musk, though the pair have denied allegations of being involved with each other.

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  1. The only thing Kennedy Jr. has a chance at is getting assassinated. Not very likely, but it does run in the family. Luckily for him, he really doesn’t have a prayer of being President like his uncle was and his father aspired to be. So, he’s a minimal threat to the powers that be……JMO.


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