UPDATE: Georgia Elections Chief Vows To ‘Follow The Money’ In Ballot Harvesting Investigation

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden “won” several states during the 2020 presidential election under extremely suspicious circumstances, which we have not forgotten. Georgia had probably one of the most contested and suspicious outcomes of any of the states and now the investigation into what really happened is ramping up.

The Peach State was “won” by Biden with a narrow margin and had previously been solidly President Trump’s before a bizarre late-in-the-game swing. There have been countless questions in regards to the procedures in the state but the use of drop boxes has also raised serious concerns.

There have been allegations of unattended ballot boxes that were stuffed with piles of ballots in the overnight hours of election night by a number of leftist operatives. Hours of video surveillance confirms this.

Now an investigation is underway that will, according to Just the News, “follow the money.” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has announced the review and says there will be prosecutions if evidence is found that warrants it.

The report by Just the News explains the next step will be to subpoena a whistleblower who has charged he was paid to collect ballots illegally.

Raffensperger pointed out that there could be administrative issues with the State Election Board, which must issue subpoenas, and that this process should provide the identity of the John Doe whistleblower who told election watchdog group True the Vote that he was paid to collect third-party ballots during both the 2020 presidential election and the Jan. 5, 2021 runoff election that gave Democrats control of the US Senate.

The problem is that Georgia state law bans the practice of collecting third-party ballots which is known as ballot harvesting.

Raffensperger told Just the News, “The only person that should touch your ballot ever is you, the voter, or the election official when they receive your absentee ballot.”

Late last year, founder of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht, filed a criminal complaint charging that her group had evidence of many activists collecting and delivering thousands of absentee ballots.

True the Vote said it has loads of video surveillance camera footage confirming the accusations.

According to a report by WND, the legality of the ballots is not in question but having them delivered by a third party is, in fact, a violation of state law.

True the Vote’s complaint explained that it had detailed phone records and surveillance video (screenshot here) proving as many as 242 people took part in the delivery of third-party ballots to unsupervised drop boxes and described it as a massive “ballot trafficking operation.”

True the Vote did not want to provide any comment at this time and instead deferred to the state investigation.

The 2020 election in Georgia has certainly been one of the most discussed incidents to come from the entire 2020 election debacle. Election officials clearly engaged in shady, if not illegal, practices and activities, including the infamous suitcase incident and making up a lie about a water main break to clear the counting facility of GOP poll watchers.

State officials have admitted that the vote-counting in the state’s largest county of Fulton was poorly executed and riddled with widespread mismanagement and irregularities.

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