Chinese Illegals Storm U.S. Border, Admit ‘We’re Here To Take The Money’

(Patriot Insider) – There are some individuals, mostly among the radical left, who seem to believe that when conservatives talk about illegal aliens entering the United States, that it’s a code word for “Mexicans,” which is a thought that likely stems from their disturbing desire to make everything related to race. On the contrary, when we discuss needing to seal off the border to prevent illegals from crossing over into our country, we mean anyone of any color, nationality, religion, and so on, who does not have permission to come here. It’s not about arbitrary factors, it is about the rule of law. Period.

Take for example a report from the Daily Mail that revealed dozens of illegal aliens from China were recently spotted crossing the border into California. They have been taking up residence in the town of Jacumba, and stated they’re here to “take the money.” Again, this is not just about Mexicans. There are people from across the planet trying to gain access to the United States.

“Shocking images and video taken in California this weekend show Chinese migrants lined up at the border town of Jacumba and telling reporters shamelessly how they’re here to ‘take the money’. Dozens and dozens, possibly up to hundreds of migrants, crossed the international boundary, according to Griff Jenkins of Fox News, who recorded the footage,” the Daily Mail said.

“This is one of the largest groups of Chinese I have ever come across and there were […] two groups at the same time crossing in Jacumba, CA,” Jenkins posted on X.

Brand new statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection divulge that there are more than 150 Chinese nationals entering the country illegally every single day. This influx began back in October 2023 and isn’t abating.

A young man from Guangzhou proclaimed they are here to “take the money” when asked what prompted them to come to America.

Yes, they are here looking to take jobs from hard working Americans, people who are in desperate need of work. These individuals will essentially work for extremely low wages, undercutting what is required by law to pay American workers. This is destroying our economy.

Then there is the other way to “take the money,” and that’s in the form of welfare. Our government is all about giving illegal aliens free goodies, which aren’t free at all, as they are paid for with taxpayer dollars. Mostly, this is a tactic put in place by liberals to help gain more voters. Nonetheless, it is overburdening a system that is already stretched to its limits.

“Others arriving in Jacumba had come from Turkey and Syria. Border Patrol Agents previously warned Washington lawmakers that it is impossible for them to vet everyone who enters the country because the numbers are so out of control. More than 150 Chinese nationals a day have been sneaking into the US illegally since October, according to startling US Customs and Border Protection statistics,” the DM reported.

“The 2023 fiscal year reportedly saw over 37,000 Chinese migrants encountered at the border – with a staggering 20,000 more since October, when the 2024 fiscal year began. The Chinese surge is part of a historic and overwhelming wave of migrants across the Southern Border of the country since 2021,” it continued.

This is absolutely insane.

“CBP sources said the number of total migrant crossings since October has soared past one million, compared to the same time frame last year at 923,446. The high success rate of Chinese asylum claims is a long-standing trend, but it has come under the spotlight following a spike in illegal crossings by Chinese migrants last year,” the piece disclosed.

Congressman Tony Gonzales, a Texas Republican, commented, ‘As I’ve spoken to different agencies about why some communities (groups of migrants) go one place and others go another, one: it depends on what cartel controls that pipeline.’

‘It’s very clear that the Sinaloa Cartel is the one controlling that operation and sending Chinese more towards the California corridor…California/Arizona corridor that they control. That’s half of the equation,’ he added. ‘The other half is where is the population going to go. Where are the large populations of Asian Americans tend to be– in California, New York is another area, but that West Coast area is a big population center for them.’

Chinese nationals have a significantly higher success rate when it comes to asylum claims than any other nationality, as per data released by the government.

‘It’s tough to put everybody in the same box: that they’re all tourist, they’re all coming all gang members, they’re all bad actors,’ the Texas Republican remarked. He then noted that you also can’t draw the conclusion that they’re all attempting to flee from China to get away from oppression either.

‘This is once again, why is its so important that we allow zero people to come over illegally, and any of these people seeking asylum, they get their cases heard immediately,’ Gonzales asserted.

He then declared that regardless of your ethnicity or country of origin, you should get your day in court and if you don’t qualify for asylum, you need to be sent back to where you came from.

The bottom line is we need to secure the southern border so there’s zero chance of any illegal aliens making it into our country. You build the wall, enforce the law. Before you know it, the chaos is tamed. If only we had leaders in office who believed in law and order.

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  1. Send all these people coming into our country back to wherever they came from. These people come here get free money then send it back to their country, BULLSHIT!!! Get the f out of here, the USA doesn’t want or need you here.

  2. This is getting dangerous now. Biden needs to be tried, convicted and harshly dealt with upon conviction for crimes against humanity and the United States of America

  3. This is war, they are illegal invaders that should be arrested, before they are released into the country to build their armies. Their is no such thing as a Chinese immigrant. The CCP won’t let you go for free, they want their dirty infiltrators here and available for the call. Wake sheep before you are in a reeducation camp learning mandarin.

  4. There is a misconception that all Americans are brain dead bigots and all immigrant are sunshiny happy people. The liberals are the cause of that idiotic mindset. In reality Americans suppose to come first. A lot of these immigrants are bigots and criminals. That is right. As for the Liberals who claim they support LGBT rights newsflash these bigots from many of these countries are the biggest homophobes and transphobes on the face of the Earth. You also have Communist, Nazis, Islamic and Christian extremist. While the CCP is really bad even they take a back seat to the Muslims. I seen videos from Demark in which Muslims are bad mothing the Danes and taking about bringing Sharia Law to Europe. Africa is just as bad or even worst. I don’t blame some Conservatives about bring back European Colonialism to the African and Arab regions. Those clowns over there are softer than dog crap. Protect Western Civilization


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