MYSTERY: Jan. 6 Key Witness Unexpectedly Dies Hours Before Special Hearing

(Patriot Insider) – Strange things are afoot, ladies and gentlemen. It seems the U.S. Senate sergeant-at-arms, the individual who oversaw Senate security during the riots at the Capitol that took place on Jan. 6, 2021, died on Monday at the age of 71.

The news of Michael Stenger’s death was first reported by the folks at Politico. Stenger, who was a veteran of the Marine Corps., served for a total of 35 years in the Secret Service before he ended up joining the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms team in 2011, according to the report.

The Western Journal is reporting that during his time serving on the SAA team, Stenger also worked on matters related to security and continuity before being promoted to former Sergeant-at-Arms Drew Willison’s deputy. Then, in 2018, he became the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Stenger then helped to ensure there was a smooth functioning of the Senate during the last three years that President Donald Trump was in office. He had a number of responsibilities such as overseeing the technological needs of the upper chamber of Congress, along with serving as its chief law enforcement officer, which made him in charge of managing its security.

However, the day after the riot last year, Stenger stepped down from his duties as Sergeant-at-Arms, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

“During the time of his resignation, Stenger faced criticism over how he managed the situation during the time of the incursion, according to the outlet,” the Western Journal reported. “When the New York Post had reached out to Stenger’s home in Falls Church, Virginia, on Tuesday morning, a woman answered the call.”

“The family is not here, it’s nobody’s business,” the lady went on to say, refusing the Post’s to provide the Post with a comment following Stenger’s death. “It has nothing to do with Jan. 6 at all.”

“Stenger’s death came a day before the Jan. 6 Committee’s Tuesday surprise witness hearing, where the committee heard Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testify,” the WJ report continued.

As the hearing unfolded, Hutchinson, along with several other claims, alleged that Trump was aware that some individuals in the crowd at the Capitol were starting to get a bit out of hand, calling for the hanging of Vice President Mike Pence, said a report from NPR.

Hutchinson then stated that she heard Meadows responding to the crowd calling for violence against the vice president by stating that Trump thought Pence deserved it.

“Other allegations Hutchinson made included claims that Trump grabbed the steering vehicle of the presidential limousine and demanded that he be taken to the Capitol when the incursion was occurring, NPR reported,” the WJ report revealed.

Stenger gave testimony about the events that transpired on Jan. 6 before Congress.

“During a February 2021 hearing with the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Stenger had called for the investigation of the role of ‘professional agitators’ during the incursion, Daily Mail reported,” according to the WJ report.

“There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of Jan. 6,” Stenger stated during testimony before the committee, according to the outlet.

“Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators,” Stenger continued. “First Amendment rights should always be considered in conjunction with professional investigations.”

Are we really not supposed to consider Stenger’s death suspicious? Look at the fact he was calling for an investigation into the possibility of there being professional agitators present in the crowd that day. Was he aware of something others weren’t?

We’ve all had our suspicions that someone with resources, possibly billionaire commie George Soros, might have infiltrated the movement, showed up at the protest, and began sabotaging things in order to help create a false narrative about Trump supporters.

This man’s death certainly does not decrease those suspicions.

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    • Nancy Piglosi had a lot to lose if this man testified. The “so-called” Jan 6th committee had a lot to lose if this man testified. Perhaps the Clinton crime family taught the Piglosi crime family how to deal with their problems. Regardless, this is quiet the coincidence although I do not believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason.

  1. It’s been said many times, the Democrats will do ANYTHING to FALSELY accuse Trump of something to keep him from running again in 2024 and that includes MURDERING someone scheduled to testify in their
    one- sided sham investigation who might say something contrary to what they’re trying to accomplish. That’s exactly what they do in communist countries and I do believe with this illegitimate Biden administration, we’re now living under a COMMUNIST regime.

  2. Capital police officers involved in the J-6 demonstration committing suicide. The Sgt- at – arms suddenly dying the day before testifying at the Dog and Pony Sh*t Show. Hmmmmm……

  3. How disgusting is our government. The democrats talk their bullsh*t about losing our democracy when any person with half a brain can see that the democrats themselves are the ones tearing our democracy apart. This is the J6 committee anything goes just like the Russia Russia Russia investigation… Seth Rich does that ring a bell

  4. I think that the biggest clue that this was less than an accurate portrayal of what happened that day, is the story about Trump’s driver not driving him where he told him to. Pretty sure that guy would lose his job if he disobeyed a direct order. So something doesn’t smell right about this testimony. Heck those SS guys even let our current moron in chief’s dog bite them rather than decline to walk the dang thing.

  5. Simply put, EVERYTHING about the Left is corrupted, wrong, so this should come as no surprise to anyone. I don’t like the Democrats or the Republicans but if the Republicans don’t take over the House and the Senate in November this once great nation is forever lost.
    All was well until the Left decided to evict God from everything in American life.

  6. Definitely suspicious. Without a doubt there were paid professional rioters who were involved in entering the Capitol. Very interesting times we live in.

  7. I watched Trumps speech that day with his huge crowd. A few minutes after it was over, Trump came back to the mic and told the crowd that he just got word that there was trouble at the Capital Building and for his supporters NOT TO GO TO THE CAPITAL BUT TO TURN AROUND AND GO HOME.


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