Senator Puts Bull’s-Eye On Human-Trafficking Industry

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden has been quite busy slamming Republicans for opposing his radical agenda that includes the outright destruction of the US. During a press conference last week, Biden lamented that Republicans aren’t “for” anything.

“Think about this: What are Republicans for?” Biden asked defiantly. “What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for,” he then asked, “What do you think their position on human rights is?”

While he thought he really got Republicans with that one, the obvious truth is that Republicans are, in fact, the only ones doing anything to defend human rights.

Biden has such audacity to even suggest he and the Democrats care about human rights when it is them shoving the experimental, dangerous COVID vaccines on every living, breathing human aged 5 and up in America.

It’s Biden and his regime who have essentially opened our southern border and invited Central and South American cartels to openly traffic humans, including children, here.

It’s GOP lawmakers that are the ones fighting to curtail these threats to human rights. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is one such Republican and he’s pushing to see tougher legislation against human trafficking in all its form be enacted.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is expected to be reauthorized by Congress this year and Hawley has big plans to introduce a list of reforms that would provide new support for victims while taking a much tougher approach to human traffickers.

“We are a nation of liberators, and the fight against global slavery is an urgent fight that needs leadership right now. It’s not going to happen without leadership from the United States of America,” Hawley said in an interview in which he stressed the importance of setting an example here at home for the rest of the world.

“The number of people trapped in global slavery has been going up, not down. It is truly a scourge that continues to affect us in this country, to impact our own children, whether we’re talking about sex trafficking, or labor trafficking,” he continued.

According to State Department estimates, a startling 24.9 million people are exploited worldwide at any given time, including victims within the US. That is why Hawley insists there needs to be greater consequences for human traffickers.

Hawley’s officer has spent months working on an “all of the above” strategy to combat what he calls “a pernicious crime that persists in the shadows.”

For example, just last week the US Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina brought charges against individuals for conspiring to traffic seasonal farm workers, allegedly failing to pay their wages and forcing them to work excessively long hours after taking their passports.

Advocates warn that illegally confiscating immigration documents is far too common in attempting to force migrants to work but that it is currently an offense punishable by a year in prison.

Hawley told RealClearPolitics that if it were up to him, “I’d bump it up to 20 years.”

Longer prison sentences are just one of Hawley’s strategies. He says his proposals are informed by his experience at the state and local levels, which include $50 million in effective anti-trafficking training for law enforcement officials at those levels, which Hawley referred to as “the real tip of the spear.”

Harsher penalties and an increase in police funding are par for the course for Republicans who are generally much tougher on crime than Democrats. Hawley, however, is also seeking to provide more assistance to victims who escape exploitation.

One proposal would provide $1 billion to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to expand housing options for victims while another proposal would direct $100 million to the Small Business Administration to provide zero-interest loans to them.

Hawley shot back at Biden after his criticism of Republicans last week, saying, “Here we are a year into his presidency, and he still has not taken some of the most basic steps,” noting that Biden still hasn’t appointed anyone to lead the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. “This has not been a priority for this administration,” he added. “And that’s the nicest way to put it.”

While the Democrats claim to be against slavery, they are doing almost nothing to stop the ongoing enslavement of human trafficking victims in the US and around the world.

Hawley asserted, “The United States has tremendous moral capital to bring to bear here on this fight — our own struggle with it in our country, our history struggling to end slavery in this country, struggling to secure freedom to all of our people and all of our citizens,” he said. “All of this positions us to be a leader worldwide, and to say, ‘We have not accepted slavery or servitude in our country. We’re not willing to partner with it in any way around the globe.’”

Will Biden put his money where his mouth is and support Hawley’s efforts? Not likely. Biden and his regime don’t give a damn about human rights.

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