Trump Unleashes On Bill Barr In Leaked Letter

(Patriot Insider) – When Trump made Bill Barr the US Attorney General during his administration, everything seemed to start off alright but it quickly became clear that Barr was not the man we thought he was. Soon Barr was working against Trump and for the interests of the Deep State and the radical left and still is today.

Naturally, President Trump isn’t too keen on the man and in a recent letter to “NBC Nightly News,” he let the world, including Barr, know just how he feels about the former AG, noting Barr was “not one of my better picks.”

The three-page letter (read it here) was sent by Trump in response to an interview by Lester Holt of Bill Barr about his new book “One Damn Thing After Another,” according to Axios.

Trump began the letter: “Bill Barr care[d] more about being accepted by the corrupt Washington Media and Elite than serving the American people. He was slow, lethargic, and I realized early on that he never had what it takes to make a great Attorney General.”

Trump was responding to Barr telling Holt during their interview that Trump had become “very angry” when he was told by Barr that there was no evidence of the 2020 electing being rigged.

Of course, we all know that is a load of BS but Barr insisted to Holt that he told Trump “all this stuff was bull**** about election fraud,” according to Axios.

“It was wrong to be shoveling it out the way his team was. And he started asking me about different theories and… I was able to tell him that ‘this is wrong because of this,'” Barr added.

Barr also asserted that Trump never completely understood “the role of the Department of Justice [and] to some extent, you know, the president’s role.”

Barr is, of course, nothing more than a lying swamp creature and anyone with half a brain can see that. Trump was right to respond to this nonsense.

In his letter, Trump slammed Barr, calling him a failure who caved to the left instead of taking a stand for what’s right. He’s 100% spot-on accurate in his assessment of Barr.

“I made many great appointments during my Administration, and we accomplished more than most Administrations could even dream of, but Bill Barr was not one of my better picks,” Trump wrote.

“He crumbled under the pressure, and bowed to the Radical Left — And that is not acceptable. Now he is groveling for the media, hoping to gain acceptance that he doesn’t deserve,” he added.

Trump claimed that Barr refused to acknowledge evidence of a rigged election, a trademark of the radical left.

“Despite massive amounts of evidence, with far more produced after his leaving, he refused to go after the fraud and irregularities that had so openly taken place in the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote.

Trump went on, “Bill Barr was a big disappointment to me as an Attorney General, he was afraid to act, and usually didn’t.”

“He was so lazy and cowardly, he just never quite understood what was going on.”

Predictably, just like any good radical leftist would, Barr told Holt that he holds Trump responsible “in the broad sense” for the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the Capitol. Barr said, “I think the whole idea was to intimidate Congress,” adding, “[A]nd I think that that was wrong.”

Well, of course Barr would think it was “wrong.” Even if the Jan. 6 incident was actually carried out by Trump supporters in an effort to intimidate Congress, it isn’t “wrong” for the American people to express themselves to Congress.

The 2020 US presidential election was stolen and rigged and the people sitting in Congress who are supposed to serve the American people should have shown a little bit more care and concern for this profound corruption. The American people had every right to be angry and to demand Congress take action, even knowing full well the Democrats were in on the fix.

That being said, we all know Jan. 6 was an orchestrated event put on by the FBI with the sole purpose of demonizing President Trump and his supporters and to give the Biden regime the opportunity to show the country what they will do to political dissidents.

Barr was a failure as AG and he’s only making himself look more stupid and foolish with every public appearance.

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  1. And it’s all because Trump can’t be paid to play. The reason the rinos/ deepstate wanted Trump gone is because he cut off their free money lines. No lobbying, no more free special interest money. The rinos were in on it too. Why do our politicians care so much about Ukraine? It’s all about the money and the money laundering that goes on in Ukraine. They are all in on it. There is a lot of info in Ukraine that can be very damning to all our crooked politicians. Putin knows about and he knows Zelensky is in on it. Stay tuned

  2. All of Congress are corrupt scum. They all must pay for their treasonous acts with their lives. Please start with Pelosi and the Clintons. Remove OBAMA from all records he was never a citizen as we all know. Biden is just another P O S that cant even talk no less lead a country. We must drain the swamp completely remove all the godless changes over the past 50 years and re apply the original constitution RIGHTS we all once possessed. We need one law for all not different in separate states ONE tax rate for all. Once we create new leadership they only serve 4 years and are immediately removed and hanged for any wrong doings for all to see. This will keep their whimpy asses straight. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIX WHAT HAS BEEN BROOKEN THE PAST 50 YEARS. LETS START BY REINSTATING OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP


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