Yale Psychiatrist Who Slammed Trump’s Mental State Gets Bad News From Court

(Patriot Insider) – A prominent psychiatrist who called President Trump and his supporters “mentally ill” won’t be getting her job back at Yale University despite her best efforts. The University parted ways with Dr. Brandy Lee two years ago and now a judge has ruled that she has no grounds for demanding her job back.

The Hartford Courant reported, a federal judge in Connecticut dismissed a wrongful termination lawsuit that charged the school was violating Lee’s free speech and professional obligations when she was not reappointed to her position with the school.

Lee, who was in an unpaid position, was with the school for 17 years before she was let go and argued in legal papers that she had a “duty to warn” people about the “contagion” of Trump’s mental state.

It sounds like Lee is the one whose mental state is an issue.

Apparently, Yale agreed. The school started to question Lee’s judgment and ability to teach after she began making medical assertions regarding Trump’s health and mental state and others close to him.

Not only were her statements wildly delusional but they also violate the American Psychiatric Association rule that prohibits professional opinions of public figures who were not actually examined.

Her own lawsuit admits she violated this rule but Lee insists the rule doesn’t apply to her because she isn’t a member of the organization and the rule is meant to prevent members from issuing grave public warnings.

“Trump’s presidency represented an emergency which not only allowed, but required, psychiatrists in the United States to sound the alarms,” Lee’s legal team said of her “professional responsibility to protect society.”

“Trump’s mental health was affecting the mental health” of everyone in the US, “placing the country at grave risk” and “undermining democracy itself,” according to the lawsuit of Lee, who also edited the 2017 book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

Lee began causing trouble for herself when she gave an apparent long-distance evaluation of Harvard professor and Yale graduate Alan Dershowitz.

“I think her own words prove that she acted unprofessionally, in violation of academic standards and in violation of the rules of psychiatry,” Dershowitz told the New Haven Register last year.

“I also think that it is unethical to falsely diagnose somebody whom she hasn’t met for political and ideological reasons.”

After Dershowitz complained about Lee giving her unsolicited evaluation, Yale department head Dr. John Krystal Lee in a letter, saying, “The recklessness of your comments creates the appearance that they are self-serving in relation to your personal political beliefs and other possible personal aspirations,” according to her lawsuit.

The official reason she was let go, according to Yale, was that she lacked a formal teaching role.

Lee said in a statement to the New Haven Register this week that she wasn’t surprised by the outcome of the lawsuit but plans to keep fighting “since my reason for launching the lawsuit in the first place was for the public good.”

US District Judge Sarah Merriam dismissed Lee’s arguments on the basis of there being no guarantee that Yale would have reappointed her regardless of her qualifications.

Despite not being paid, Lee claims that her position was worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars in perks and exposure that allowed her to consult globally.

Unfortunately for Lee, Yale isn’t interested in allowing crazy people to be involved in their psychiatry program.

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  1. There’s a lot of Crazy people out there that don’t know what they are talking about why isn’t she saying anything about Biden he talks like a delusional person.

  2. Lee is the poster child for the democratic party. They all believe they’re experts based on their “feelings”. She’s never met the people she’s diagnosed within a clinical setting and yet feels her expertise should certainly not be challenged. I find myself astounded by my next words. Good job, Yale.

  3. Sounds a lot like anyone she doesn’t like is crazy in her book. Put me down, I’m sure she wouldn’t like me. I already don’t like her. Where do all these “deplorable” people come from anyway? I am surprised Yale took some action here. They must be going back to sleep or something. Every other university, I’m sure, and CNN or CNBC would love having this woman come and critique Conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters. What a propaganda wind fall for old creepy Emperor Joe.

  4. She leads classes and doesn’t get paid for it and she did it for years. Is she rich or got rich when relatives died that she doesn’t need the money. She is the crazy one for giving years of free work to a college. She might have been using the time for indoctrination of her students. Glad the college caught onto the crazy one for doing work for free and that the woman was using her free classes for indoctrination of students.

  5. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets fired but it’s awkward because they never hired him in the first place.

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